About Émilie and her honeys

Le Miel d’Émilie, a family story

The Le Miel d'Émilie was created in 1980 by Denis and his son, Jean-François, when they each brought 5 hives to their land in Saint-Sylvestre. Starting almost entirely from scratch, the two entrepreneurs would go on to eventually create Les Ruchers D.J.F Inc. (LE LE MIEL D’ÉMILIE).

They set out to produce high-quality, 100% natural honey harvested directly from the hive. From the very beginning, the company focused intently on producing the highest quality product possible. Their success is the result of the meticulous hard work of these two men, supported by their amazing wives. In fact, the company was named for Denis’s wife.

Jean-François and his wife were only too happy to chase their dreams together as a family business. Pioneers in the world of apiculture and always acutely conscientious of the environment, they gradually developed LE MIEL D’ÉMILIE. When the brand eventually reached supermarkets, it quickly became a household name. Field production work and in-store presentations are handled by the couple’s children. The brand is woven into the close-knit family, and carries the promise of an enduring legacy.

And what was once a small family business is now Quebec’s largest independent apiary, harvesting tons of honey each year!

Quality, passion and pride of excellence!

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