100% natural and 100% delicious!

100 % Québec

Are you looking for delicious, authentic foods on your plate? LE MIEL D’ÉMILIE honey is produced right here, and we promise to deliver the best, day after day. Honey is so good for your health that you can enjoy it every day. Honey has numerous health benefits, and in addition, is a 100% natural product that has been used for centuries for its excellent medicinal virtues in the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Honey is composed of approximately 17% water, 75% sugar, and an impressive array of beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Bees feed on nectar and transform it into honey, adding proteins, vitamins and enzymes in the process. Nectar is a natural sugar produced by flowering plants. To produce one pound of honey, bees will have traveled the equivalent of two times the circumference of the Earth and will have visited two million flowers! The flavor and color of honey depends on the blossoms that the bees visit. As the color deepens, the flavor becomes more full-bodied. For example, amber honey is often used in recipes, but dark or buckwheat honey is more likely to please cookie fans.