Experts Advice!

Your honey is crystallizing?

Non-pasteurized honey crystallizes faster, it is normal. To return it to its liquid state our experts offer you this simple and effective method.

  • Heat a good amount of water in a pot.
  • Reduce the heat to a minimum and deposit your bottle of honey in the water.
    In a few minutes your honey will regain its liquid form.

Attention: Be careful never heat honey in the microwave oven.

The formation of the crystals and the consistency of the honey are influenced by several factors, such as the origin of the nectar, the composition of the honey and its intake of fructose and glucose.
And here you can again enjoy your honey and you can cook with it in your best recipes.

Crystallization, Ultrafilteration, Pasteurization...

So many honeys are now available on our supermarket shelves. True? Are they all equal? Honey, is honey. Even if the small bear shaped bottle can attract you, nothing guarantees the purity. Many large companies modify the product to make it more clear, more uniform or more easy to work with.

Some major companies will argue that ultrafilteration is necessary to improve the life of the product. Honey is a food that does not perish. However it may crystallize.

Very widespread. It is practiced to avoid crystallization. However, know that crystallization is normal and that honey not pasteurized always remains the best choice, because pasteurization modifies the composition of the honey and it then becomes a refined sugar like all others.